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 mean for the   future of health?

"the existence of organic  nutrients were required  only in SMALL amounts  to prevent disease".

The dose  makes the poison 

Observations of how what we ate affected serious conditions like scurvy and rickets.

'Vitamines' were observed in the early 19th century and it was noted that

It's good to  be cautious 

Even with global vitamin D deficiency  levels estimated globally at 1 billion, we need to recognise that we are individuals with different requirements, different skin and melatonin. We are exposed to a range of environmental factors that affect us all differently.

"Our genetics affect our vitamin and mineral requirements".

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Factors involved in the 

Outcomes in diagnosis can be varied depending on 'specialists' and methods of testing.

"We need to understand how food and its biological compounds affects us individually".

diagnosis of disease 

Together with how these compounds influence disease, our microbiome and our biology.

Vitamins and  metabolites  collide 

Solving these questions requires a different approach.

"Metabolomics is the study of tiny metabolites and their chemical interactions".

Examples might be proteins, amino acids, lipids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

The food


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Outcomes in diagnosis can be varied depending on 'specialists' and methods of testing.

"The study of all molecules found in the food and plants we eat - Food metabolism".

Massive databases now contain 10's of thousands of new compounds found in our food.

We have only discovered a fraction of the total known compounds produced by nature.

"We understand less than 1%, leaving 99% of nutritional compounds classed as 'dark matter'".

How are our bodies affected by these new molecules? Whilst our microbiome break these down further producing even more!

The 'Dark Matter' of nutrition 

and drug discovery

Precision nutrition

"A big percentage of new drugs are isolated from natural origins (plants), even drugs for cancer"!

How can these discoveries be used for preventing poor health as opposed to reacting too late!

One job of metabolomics is to find the interactions with our food, genes and disease. 

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    Ai, big data and our own unique

nutritional plan 

A huge industry of tech has emerged, measuring instruments, computer experts and data scientists are attacking this challenge.

"Tracking data and matching it to our own personal health requirements is the future".


As we shed light on millions of natural compounds, biological pathways and environmental factors that interact and decide if we become ill or live to become a centenarian.

"Where will the 'dark matter' of nutrition take us?"

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